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This is my Train Simulator DLC Collection page, for people who want to know what Train Sim add-ons I currently own for Train Simulator. All of them are from Steam, with links provided (currently work-in-progress).

You can also request Workshop scenarios to be played on our Twitch channel here. These Train Simulator Workshop scenarios can be whatever it is, whether it would be a US or European scenario, or a switching or mainline scenario. 

The scenario will be added to our Workshop Scenario Queue if your request gets accepted. We will not accept scenarios that contain any content explicit/mature content (such as profanity, offensive words or phrases, racism, etc), or are unbeatable due to major bugs, etc.

SFC on Twitch - Train Simulator Workshop Scenario Queue is available here:

So without further ado, here is the full DLC list.

* DLC is only available for purchase in the USA.

Route DLC (in alphabetical order):

Alaska Railroad: Anchorage - Seward (acquired 12/25/2017)

Cajon Pass (acquired 12/27/2015)

Canadian Mountain Passes (acquired 2/8/2016)

Canadian National Peace River (acquired 1/18/2018)

Donner Pass (acquired 12/31/2013)

Feather River Canyon (acquired 12/25/2016)

Game of Gnomes (acquired 12/25/2016)

Hamburg - Hanover (acquired 12/31/2013)

Hamburg - Lübeck (acquired 11/23/2016)

Hamburg S1 S-Bahn (acquired 12/25/2016)

Horseshoe Curve (acquired 12/25/2015)

Isle of Wight (acquired 6/13/2016)

LGV: Marseille - Avignon (acquired 11/23/2016)

London-Faversham High Speed (acquired 12/31/2013)

Marias Pass* (acquired 5/20/2015)

Miami - West Palm Beach (acquired 6/13/2015)

Munich - Augsburg (acquired 12/25/2016)

Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen (acquired 6/13/2015)

NEC: New York - New Haven (acquired 6/13/2015)

NEC: New York - Philadelphia (acquired 5/20/2015)

Norfolk Southern Coal District (acquired 9/25/2015)

North Jersey Coast Line (acquired 11/23/2016)

North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines (acquired 1/28/2018) 

North Somerset Railway (acquired 7/2/2017)

North Wales Coastal (acquired 12/25/2017)

Ohio Steel 2 (acquired 2/8/2016)

Portland Terminal (acquired 11/27/2015)

Settle - Carlisle (acquired 1/22/2017)

Sherman Hill (acquired 9/25/2015)

Soldier Summit (acquired 1/1/2016)

Stevens Pass* (acquired 12/25/2015)

The Count of Monster Disco (acquired 11/27/2017)

The Holiday Express (acquired 12/25/2016)

The Racetrack: Aurora - Chicago (acquired 11/23/2016)

West Rhine: Köln - Koblenz (acquired 6/13/2015)

Locomotive DLC (in alphabetical order):

Amtrak Acela Express (acquired 5/20/2015)

Amtrak Dash 8-32BWH (acquired 5/26/2017)

Amtrak F40PH 'California Zephyr' (acquired 12/25/2015)

Amtrak HHP-8 (acquired 3/6/2017)

Amtrak P30CH (acquired 1/1/2017)

Amtrak P42DC 'Empire Builder' (acquired 6/11/2015)

Arriva Trains Wales DMU (acquired 12/25/2016)

AT&N Consolidation Class 280-157 (acquired 7/1/2017)

ATSF SD45-2* (acquired 12/25/2017)

BNSF Dash 9* (acquired 5/20/2015)

BNSF ES44DC* (acquired 12/27/2015)
- BN F45 (acquired 9/25/2015)
- BNSF GP38-2 (acquired 9/25/2015)
- BNSF SD40-2 (acquired 4/4/2015; first Train Sim DLC I've ever acquired)

BNSF SD75* (acquired 4/8/2015)

Boston & Maine GE 44 (acquired 2/8/2016)

Chessie System U30C (acquired 12/25/2017)

CN SD40-2 Wide Nose (acquired 11/27/2015)

CPRR 4-4-0 No. 60 'Jupiter' (acquired 5/10/2017)

CSX AC6000CW (acquired 10/3/2016)

CSX C30-7 (acquired 7/2/2017)

CSX NRE 3GS-21B Genset (acquired 1/1/2017)

CSX SD80MAC (acquired 2/8/2016)

D&RGW SD9 (acquired 6/15/2017)

DB BR 114 (acquired 12/25/2016)

DB BR 411 'ICE-T' (acquired 6/13/2015)

DB BR 442 'Talent 2' (acquired 12/25/2017)

DB BR 648 (acquired 12/25/2016)

DB ICE 2 EMU (acquired 12/31/2013)

European Loco & Asset Pack (acquired 9/25/2015)

EMD GP9* (acquired 5/20/2015)

Great Northern F7 'Empire Builder'* (acquired 5/20/2015)

Los Angeles Commuter Rail F59PH (acquired 10/3/2016)

Metro-North Kawasaki M8 (acquired 10/13/2016)

Metro-North P32AC-DM 'Genesis' (acquired 11/23/2016)

Miami Commuter Rail F40PHL-2 (acquired 10/3/2016)

New Haven E-33 (acquired 12/30/2017)

New Haven FL9 (acquired 8/11/2017)

NJ Transit ALP-46 (acquired 12/25/2016)

NJ Transit F40PH-2CAT (acquired 12/25/2016)

NJ Transit GP40PH-2B (acquired 12/25/2016)

Norfolk Southern Big 7s (acquired 12/18/2015)

Norfolk Southern Dash 8-40C (acquired 7/2/2016)

Norfolk Southern GP38-2 High Hood (acquired 12/25/2015)

Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44ACs (acquired 6/11/2015)

Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACes (acquired 6/11/2015)

Norfolk Southern SD40-2 High Hood (acquired 12/27/2015)

Norfolk Southern SD45 High Hoods (acquired 12/27/2015)

PRR Alco RS11 (acquired 7/1/2017)

PRR GE 44 (acquired 2/8/2016)

PRR GG1 (acquired 6/21/2015)

PRR K4 (acquired 2/8/2016)

San Diego Commuter Rail F59PHI (acquired 10/3/2016)

SD70 V2 Volume 2* (acquired 5/20/2015)

Seaboard GE U36B (acquired 10/3/2016)

Southern Pacific Cab Forward (acquired 12/30/2015)

Southern Pacific GE 44 (acquired 5/10/2015)

Southern Pacific GP20 (acquired 12/30/2015)

Southern Pacific SD45 (acquired 5/10/2015)

Southern Pacific SD45T-2 (acquired 12/25/2017)

Southern Pacific SD70M (acquired 6/24/2016)

SW1500 Switcher* (acquired 5/20/2015)

Union Pacific Big Boy (acquired 5/20/2015)

Union Pacific Challenger (acquired 11/27/2015)

Union Pacific DD35 (acquired 7/1/2017)

Union Pacific DDA40X (acquired 8/11/2017)

Union Pacific FEF-3 (acquired 7/1/2017)

Union Pacific GP30 (acquired 12/25/2015)

Union Pacific GP50 (acquired 3/25/2017)

Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACes (acquired 10/3/2016)

Union Pacific SD45 (acquired 12/30/2015)

Union Pacific SD70ACe (acquired 2/8/2016)

Union Pacific GE 44 (acquired 2/8/2016)

US Locos and Assets (acquired 12/31/2013)

Western Pacific GP35 (acquired 12/25/2017)

Marketplace DLC (in alphabetical order):

ATSF Wagon Pack* (acquired 4/12/2015)

B&O Wagon Pack (acquired 11/25/2015)

BN GP20* (acquired 12/30/2015)

BN Wagon Pack* (acquired 4/11/2015)

BNSF Wagon Pack* (acquired 9/25/2015)

Chessie System GP30 (acquired 12/25/2017)

Construction Scenery Pack (acquired 3/27/2016)

CSX SD70MAC* (acquired 11/27/2015)

CSX ES44AC* (acquired 12/27/2015)

DD35 Demonstrator (acquired 7/1/2017)

D&RGW F7* (acquired 8/29/2015)

Great Northern F7 Big Sky Blue* (acquired 6/11/2015)

Great Northern Wagon Pack* (acquired 11/25/2015)

Platform Clutter Scenery Pack (acquired 3/25/2017)

PRR GG1 Silver (acquired 8/29/2015)

PRR Wagon Pack (acquired 4/18/2015)

Southern Pacific F7 "Bloody Nose"* (acquired 6/11/2015)

The Pump Car
 (acquired 9/25/2015)

Town Scenery Pack (acquired 3/25/2017)

Union Pacific FEF-3 Overland (acquired 7/1/2017)

Union Pacific GP20 (acquired 12/30/2015)

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