Approaching 2019: Expanding our Fundamental Community

2018 is almost over folks! As you may have known, we are already prepping for the new year, which we hope to make our biggest year yet! We've been working hard behind the scenes to deliver the best quality experience in our fundamental community, and for 2019, we are announcing some new content along with some updates to our existing content that we hope you will enjoy!

So without further ado, let's start off with the first announcement...

1. Dropping the "Tradition" tagline.

Since January of 2016 (back when The SFC Group was called, we adopted a new slogan for our group: Tech and gaming is our tradition. It made sense because we focused on tech and gaming content, and up to this point it has been our longest-running tagline.

However, as we look towards making more professional content, some outside of the tech and gaming spectrum, we've decided it would be the time to drop the "Tradition" tagline completely.

Tech and gaming will still be offered as our key video content, but seeing the success of our animated series Technology Showdown (along with the recent announcement of our fan-made web comic series Adventures from the Jackbox), we're going to focus more on our animated content alongside the key content we mentioned as well.

Also, we're shifting focus on content that we like to make that everyone else will probably be interested in, instead of content we like to make but everyone else might not be interested in (e.g. Train Simulator content). We've heard your feedback, and we will continue to listen to help improve the experience!

So with that first piece of news out of the way, let's get on with the first BIG announcement...

2. Introducing our first original project: The Sage & EDjr Show!

In pre-production for over 4 years, our first original series is finally coming to the form of a web comic! That's right: The Sage & EDjr Show will be our flagship web comic series that'll be released as a double feature with Adventures from the Jackbox, a web comic series based off of the hit Jackbox party games that we announced prior.

The Sage & EDjr Show stars of course, Sage and EDjr, on mischievous adventures in the animated world, while they meet some old and new familiar faces along the way. The original cast consists of Sage, the intelligent and kind one, EDjr, the crazy but fun guy (get it?), Jack and his sidekick the Super Star (the latter property of SuperStar64, used with permission), Luna Rosa, the geeky girl and cat lover, and finally, Kage, an intelligent yet boastful master scientist, and Sage's arch-nemesis.

As of right now, the series is in pre-production, and won't be done until later in 2019, but we can't wait to show you more of this series as development progresses!

Learn more about The Sage & EDjr Show here:

So now, let's move onto some updates regarding Technology Showdown...

3. Technology Showdown: The Prologue and Misadventures Episode 3 Update.

You've asked for it. You've begged. You've been patient. Now it's time for another Technology Showdown update.

- Technology Showdown: The Prologue is FINALLY resuming pre-production! We know we said this already, but after a long hiatus, The Prologue (the Season 1 premiere) is moving along once again! As we stated a billion times before also, the script has already been written, but we still have yet to finalize the voice actors for some characters (such as Windows and Finder). We are however moving onto the next step: the storyboard process, which we are working on as we speak!

The Prologue also has a FINAL release date (no more further delays) of 2019! When in 2019? Well, we can't promise an exact release date as it could get pushed if we experience some problems during production, but we're hoping to get it out somewhere in late 2019 (which coincidentally, is around the same time as the launch of the Disney+ streaming service). I know it'll be another year before you guys get it, but we want to put in as MUCH effort as possible.

But of course, we want to keep you guys on hold until the major episode comes out, so...

Technology Showdown Misadventures Episode 3! We've mentioned it numerous times before, but we have some good news regarding it: The script has already been written, so now this episode is officially in pre-production! We're also debuting a new character for this episode: Mr. Dove Tail (based on Dovetail Games), a sym who makes his living selling DLC on the spot, but a lovely chap if you look past it! More updates will follow on our social media in the coming months. ;)

Learn more about Technology Showdown here:

Now, let's move onto some site news...

4. The SFC Site 10.4 "Holidays Update" is now available!

The SFC Site X is getting its biggest update yet: The Holidays Update! It's quite a massive one, adding new features that our fans have been long requesting for a while now!

One of the major changes in this update is the return of the Technology Showdown page, which our fans have been asking for since The SFC Site X launched back in May. You can once again access it via the Animated section of the Series page. We've also added bonus pages for our upcoming web comic series, The Sage & EDjr Show and Adventures from the Jackbox.

But wait, there's more! We've also retooled a whole bunch of other pages including the Donate page (with more of an emphasis on our Patreon), the More section of the site (with thumbnails), and the Contact page!

For the full changelog on The SFC Site 10.4, check the Site Info page:

And now, we'll move onto the final update...

5. YouTube Channel Update!

Our YouTube channel is approaching its 4 year anniversary, and our channel has been, and always will be, the main focus of what we do here. Today, we're giving you some brief updates on what's been going on:

- All Software Room video thumbnails (including the old versions) have been updated to the new thumbnail layout. So now they all line up and match with the current thumbnail layout!

The Tech Table is getting new episodes for 2019! We're going all out for this series next year. Now for those who are unaware, The Tech Table is our flagship tech series on our channel, and for next year, we're producing more episodes, with a brand new lighting and sound setup! We won't however talk about the topics we'll be covering for these future episodes just yet, as those will be kept secret until we're ready to unveil them. Nonetheless, expect more Tech Table episodes to roll out in 2019!

And while you're waiting, you can check out the other Tech Table episodes in the playlist, some of which were former Computer Cellar episodes that have now been converted to the new series name for simplicity.

An all-new GamePlay will be debuting in 2019! GamePlay is getting an fresh new look for 2019, featuring its own intro, and lots of fun! Of course, we are planning to start things off with Jackbox Party Pack 4, and then move onto the more obscure video games you've probably never heard of, some with our team contributors! Again, stay tuned for those. ;)

Shoppers Showcase episodes on Sears and Toys "R" Us have been delayed to 2019. Originally scheduled for this year, both Sears and Toys "R" Us episodes of Shoppers Showcase have been delayed to 2019, as a lot have happened in their history since we planned to start working on those episodes. We wanted to make sure we were as up-to-date as possible, and that we didn't miss any history that might've happened while we make these episodes. Don't worry though, they are coming later this year, so stick around for those as well!

And that's pretty much all we've got to announce for next year! With all the new stuff we've announced in this article, 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for The SFC Group! For now though, happy holidays and enjoy the rest of 2018. ;)

- Sage