The SFC Group August 2018 Update

The Summer season is still going, but we're not done changing things up yet! This August, we are announcing some exciting new changes to our content, including a new flagship tech series, a new website update, and updates on our Technology Showdown and Shoppers Showcase flagship video series!

So without further ado, let's begin:

1. Introducing a new Tech video series: The Tech Table!

Today, we are announcing that The Computer Cellar and The Electronics Guide are being merged into a brand new flagship tech video series for The SFC Group: The Tech Table!

What is The Tech Table? It is our new flagship tech series, that focuses on tech-related stuff, but most notably hardware, just like with The Computer Cellar. However, with The Tech Table, it'll be just more than hardware reviews: there will be tech stories, tech how-tos (in a similar fashion to the The Electronics Guide), and tech history all packed into one series! We may also dive into non-tech related stuff in this series, but that'll be very unlikely to happen as of now.

The first episode of this series is in the works as we speak, and we'll update you on progress via our social media (Facebook and Twitter), and as always, the new episodes will be released on our Patreon first before a public YouTube release!

Even though this series will succeed The Computer Cellar and The Electronics Guide, our previous tech videos made under those former series names, will continue to remain so, but now under The Tech Table playlist.

The series is set to premiere later this August. In the meantime, check out the playlist:

With that out of the way, let's move on...

2. The SFC Site Version 10.1: The Fundamental Update!

Our first major update to The SFC Site X has arrived, titled The Fundamental Update! This website update focuses on improvements to the website design that we first introduced in The SFC Site X, with some pages added and/or moved around.

One of the new additions are new and improved downloads we've added, including two new wallpapers, updated music covers for our two soundtracks, and a new Comics section, in preparation for the production of our first set of web comics that we hope you guys will enjoy!

But for the most part, we'll let the changelog speak of itself (also available on the Site Info page)...

The SFC Site Version 10.1 Changelog:

- Updated Homepage

- Updated Series page

- Added Comics section to the Downloads page

- Added two new wallpapers: "Reef in the Blue" and "Inside a Dead Store"

- Updated music covers for Technology Showdown OST and Sage's Electronic Music (formerly SFC Electronic Music)

- Moved Live page to the More section

- Updated Trivia page (now Sage's Trivia Madness)

- Updated Apple Product Generator

- Updated About Us page (includes the true meaning of what SageFunCom stands for!)

The website update is available today, so check out the new changes if you have the time:

Now, onto the last update:

3. Technology Showdown & Shoppers Showcase Update

And of course, we've saved the best for last... we have some updates regarding Technology Showdown: The Prologue and Episode 3 of Misadventures, and we have some updates regarding our soon-to-be flagship video series, Shoppers Showcase!

1. Technology Showdown The Prologue Update. As a result of the Summer vacation from our affiliates, we haven't been working on this big animated project for quite a while, but we do want to let you know that it is STILL happening, but its release date will be pushed a little further, most likely into 2019.

We've also had people ask us in the comments "Are you going to continue the Apple vs. Windows story?" Well, of course we are, but it won't be under Apple vs. Windows, but rather a different series name primarily for Season 1, in order to differentiate it from Season Zero. The Prologue, which will start Season 1, will be a prequel to Season Zero, to show how Windows became an evil mastermind, and how the Tech District was formed. After the episode's premiere however, a new series of episodes will commence, that will be the direct follow-up to Season Zero.

Hope that answers your questions. Now moving on...

2. Technology Showdown Misadventures Episode 3. Pre-production for Technology Showdown Misadventures Episode 3 has officially begun! This episode will be the voice acting debut of Lunala, the voice of Windows' girlfriend, Mojave (not to be confused with the macOS codename of the same name). It'll also be the debut of a NEW character, one that you might be familiar with... (And no, it's not Union T. Pacific, but he will appear in the episode as an early confirmation.)

As with the previous episodes, it'll be more of an animation experiment to see how it'll work for future animated projects of ours, which includes Season 1 of Technology Showdown.

Episode 3 is set to be released this Fall, and will be our last Technology Showdown Misadventures episode until The Prologue, our biggest animated project to date. Stay tuned for more updates on it on our social media!

3. Shoppers Showcase Update. Yes, Shoppers Showcase is returning this month, with the next episode focusing on the RadioShack electronics retailer (the chain that we teased at the end of the first episode). The episode is now available to our Patreon supporters, with a public YouTube release set for August 4th!

However, we're not quite done yet: We have 2 more episodes planned afterwards for this year, one focusing on the history and showcasing of Sears, and the other focusing on the Rise and Fall of Toys "R" Us (announced on social media ahead of time). Both are in pre-production right now, and are set to be released this Fall.

We also have plans to update our first Shoppers Showcase episode on Kmart, with updated historical info and up to 15 minutes of additional new content!

But, we aren't stopping there: We have 9 more major Shoppers Showcase episodes planned for 2019, and we may diverse into mall and plaza explorations in the near future, as spin-off episodes from our usual format.

So that's all, right? Well, like Steve Jobs once said, we do have one more thing...

4. A New Animated Series in the Works. Today, we are officially announcing that we are forming a new animation studio, MorphiMation, run by EDJRMorpheus of The SFC Group. With this, we are working on a new series of cartoons (that's not Technology Showdown), starring Sage and EDjr in their own animated universe! Right now, it is in VERY early pre-production, but we can't wait to give you more details of this new show later this year!

And that concludes all the updates for August 2018! We hope you enjoyed this read, and we hope you will be excited for the new stuff coming later this year and next year as much as we are! In the meantime though, have a good one. ;)