The End of our Regular Weekly Livestreams.

It was a good run while it lasted, but it's time we finally move on.

Due to low viewership, constant network issues, and to focus solely on our video content, The SFC Group will permanently cease to air all regular weekly live shows following the conclusion of our next GamePlay Live (August 25th, the last Saturday of August).

After only 3 months on the air, GamePlay Live (formerly SFC Live Gaming) will end following its last live airing on August 25th at 7PM Eastern, and will be the end of an era for us.

Our weekly livestreaming presence began with SFC Live in October of 2016, and as time went on, it has proven successful for us. Unfortunately, we've been experiencing network issues during some of our live shows (Remember the 2-parter Gaming Special anyone?), and when we introduced new formats, and moved all of our gaming streams over to Twitch, it resulted in disappointing viewer numbers that didn't exceed our expectations. SFC Live officially ended in June of 2018, but our Twitch streams stayed, but it too had network issues and didn't exceed our expectations, so we are finally pulling the plug on weekly livestreaming...for good.

It was a hard decision to make, but it's for the better of us, as we want to produce the best quality content you will enjoy on our YouTube channel.

Now, here are some of the questions you might be asking...

Q: What will happen to The SFC Group Discord?
A: It will continue to operate as usual, but we're already working on BIG changes to it to make our Discord server more active and focused towards our fanbase. We won't spill the beans on them just yet, but we will be announcing it before the month ends. ;)

Q: What will happen to The SFC Group's Twitch channel?
A: Our Twitch page will stay up, and we have future plans for it as well, but like with the Discord one, we won't spill the beans just yet.

Q: How are we going to play those party games with The SFC Group crew now that you're no longer doing weekly livestreams?
A: With our Discord server getting massive changes as we stated before, we're working on a way for our fans to continue to play the party games with us. We'll tell you more about it when we announce the new Discord server changes.

Q: What about the Live page on The SFC Group website?
A: With our regular live shows ending, the live page will be the first thing to be removed the next time we update the site.

Q: What about SFC Live Trivia?
A: It is already being reworked into a video game, with the help of TCG Productions, run by TheCodingGuy. It is expected to be completed by late 2019. You can learn more about it here.

Q: What about Quick Links?
A: Our Discord server will still be open for links, however like we stated before, we're working on BIG changes to our Discord server, one of which will have a text channel that focuses directly on link sharing.

Q: What about Live Q&A?
A: If you want to get in touch with us directly and ask questions regarding our content, you can use our Discord, YouTube private message, Email Contact, or whatever!

Q: Does this move affect The SFC Group affiliates' live shows?
A: Of course not! Our affiliates (and main crew) are free to maintain their own livestreams, and we sometimes might promote them on social media.

Q: Are you really done livestreaming?
A: For regular weekly stuff, yes. But we're NOT forever done with livestreaming. Special gaming streams are an exception, but only air occasionally. With DTG's Train Simulator 2019 and Jackbox Party Pack 5 coming out, we have plans to stream both games on YouTube and Twitch later this year.

So my friends, that will wrap up this announcement. At this point and time, we would like to thank everyone who have attended nearly 2 years of weekly livestreaming shenanigans with us, including our affiliates and main crew, who have worked to bring them to you. We've certainly learned a lot from these fun experiences, and we hope to those who enjoyed watching our streams, had a fun time throughout its run.

Thanks for taking the time to reading this, and I will see you next post.

- Sage