(UPDATED 6/23/2018) The SFC Group Revival Final Update

This is it folks! The SFC Group's "Revival" transition is rolling to a close soon! Summer is just right around the corner, and we're making the final changes to our organization to ensure that everything is set in stone for the transition's end. We've got only 2 announcements for this final update: Both good and bad respectively.

So let's not dilly-dally and get to the final announcements for the Revival transition, shall we?

1. SFC Plays Games will be rebranded as GamePlay. To match the naming scheme for GameGuide, we have decided to rename our main gaming let's play series SFC Plays Games to simply GamePlay. This is to help consolidate the MASSIVE amount of let's play videos we have had on our channel for quite some time, under one roof. This is also the first time we've given our main let's play series a logo (uses the one from SFC Live Gaming).

Also as part of the name-change, episodes from the now discontinued SFC Plays Train Simulator series will be merged into the new GamePlay playlist. However, there is a catch: less than half of the Train Sim let's play videos we've uploaded are going to be taken down from our channel, effective June 23rd, which is when we plan to officially end the "Revival" transition.

Here are the following SFC Plays Train Sim episodes that were taken off our YouTube channel on June 23rd (the remainder staying up will be rebranded into our GamePlay series):

* will be archived

- We should start somewhere... - SFC Plays Train Simulator*
(Oldest video on our channel up to that point)

- Building a Mixed Freight - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Double Feature: The SP SD45 - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Double Feature: The SP 44-Tonner - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Kalispell Switching - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Essex Bound - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- The Empire Builder Strikes Back - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- AmTrax - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Burlington's Classic - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- The Classic's Successor - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Southern AmTrax - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Horse Power - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- There Was Once a Cowl... - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Haulin' Tractors - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Train 2 (Majestic Falls) - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- California Freight - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Portland's Where the Switching Is - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Pump Car to Kingswear - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Adriana Henderson Pickups - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Local Work - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Working for the Shortline - SFC Plays Train Simulator*

- Grain to the Capital - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Big Boy Mixed Freight Part 1 - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Big Boy Mixed Freight Part 2 - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- UP 844 Break-In Run Part 1 - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- East Coast Meteor - SFC Plays Train Simulator

- Cheyenne Frontier Days 2017 Part 1 - SFC Plays Train Simulator

We have already rebranded all of our existing let's play videos as part of the GamePlay series, with updated descriptions and thumbnails to come!

So that's the good news; now to move onto some bad news...

2. The future of our live streams. This is going to be a hard one; but it's for the better.

In October of 2016, SFC Live debuted on the air for the first time, and we've been broadcasting for almost 2 years, helping expand our fanbase, with no signs of slowing down. However, as we approach the end of our Revival transition, we are making major changes to our live streams:

The end of our weekly SFC Live show. As we look to focus on making quality video content on YouTube for our fans to enjoy, and our attentions on Twitch when it comes to live streaming, this week's SFC Live, focusing on E3 2018, will be our last weekly SFC Live episode on YouTube. Despite this though, we aren't ditching live streaming on YouTube altogether, rather we will be retiring the "SFC Live" name and rebranding it, and have it focused more on recaps of special events (Apple, E3, etc.), Q&A's, just plain hanging out, and more. However, there will be no fixed schedule for those.

As for some of our live segments, Announcements and TopicTalk: those content will be pushed towards our main social media: Facebook and Twitter, so please make sure you follow us there to get updated! And as for SFC Live Trivia, it will be going dormant for a while, but there are plans to convert it into a video game for people to play at any time! (No promises though.) And as for Tech Selections of the Week, our Apple and Software Product Generators will remain up on our website.

At this point and time, we'd like to thank to those who had attended our weekly live shows over the past couple of years, as voice callers or viewers in the audience, for all the great fun we've had. While we won't be doing weekly live shows on YouTube anymore, we will continue to livestream on Twitch weekly for the time being. Speaking of that...

- SFC Live Gaming will be rebranded to GamePlay Live. Our fans and viewers really like playing some party games with us and watching us play games live, and our gaming live streams won't be going away anytime soon. However, since we are retiring the "SFC Live" name, it will undergo a rebrand to match our main let's play series of the same name on YouTube, starting next week. Despite this though, its format will remain the same as before.

And that wraps everything up for the Revival transition, at least on the blog! Like I said before, if you missed out on the other "Revival" updates, go check them out while supplies last!

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- Sage