The SFC Group Revival Update

Happy Saturday once again!

About a month ago, we began a transition to a new era known as "The SFC Group Revival", to reorganize what we do here and hope to deliver better results after the transition is complete, which is set to be finished before the first day of Summer 2018. If you haven't read the blog post yet, here it is to get you started.

Well, we've got some updates for you regarding the "Revival", and while it's not as big as the first time we announced it, it's still for the better nonetheless. Anyways, without further ado...

1. The SFC Group is officially exiting the Train Simulation business. No, we aren't kidding around. After 3 years, we are officially announcing our departure from the Train Sim business. This comes shortly after the announcement of SFC Plays Train Simulator's cancellation, which we announced in the previous blog post.

Since 2015, Train Simulator had been one of The SFC Group's cores, however as time progresses, interest has begun to dwindle. Since RoadRailer Simulations had been spun-off in March of 2018 (with it being successful outside SFC since then), our interest in Train Simulator had begun to dwindle and it was clear that it wasn't going to serve us in the future, thus we pulled the plug.

While SFC Plays Train Simulator is officially over, a (sorta) continuation of it is available exclusively on the RoadRailer Simulations Facebook page, under a new name: RRS World Tour, so if you're still into Train Simulation, feel free to check that out.

The existing SFC Plays Train Simulator episodes will continue to stay up for now, but the series playlist is now labeled as "discontinued", and several lower quality TS let's play videos of ours are planned to be taken off our channel as early as June (some will be archived for our Patreon page).

But despite our departure from the Train Sim business, we will continue to produce Train Simulator DLC reviews for our GameGuide series, and Train Sim World will be one of the games featured on the SFC Plays Games series, which we hope to deliver later this Summer.

As for me (Sage), I've made some changes to RoadRailer Simulations as well. It is now a community group, rather than a content-creation organization as originally intended, but I still continue to own and run it with StevenJam on my side, so I'm not quitting Train Simulation entirely; it's just more of a hobby now than a career.

2. Our Google+ and Steam pages will no longer be maintained. Starting May 20th, we will no longer maintain both our Google+ and Steam pages, as we look to focus more on our Facebook and Twitter for getting the latest up-to-date news from us.

Both pages however will remain up after the date for undisclosed reasons, but we'll no longer work on maintaining them, nor post updates or comments there. If you want to get the latest news from us, please like our Facebook page and/or follow us on Twitter.

3. We will be resuming production of new live and video content very soon. We're taking a break from live and video content releases as we continue to reorganize everything, from our Final Cut Pro video-editing libraries, to working on weekly updates to The SFC Site X. Here's what to expect in late May:

- The SFC Site X Update 1 is already available to the public, bringing the Music downloads page back, and fixing a notable ad placement bug. However, we are already working on Update 2, which we're not going to release much information about, other than it'll be focused more on the Live part of the site. The SFC Site X Update 2 (10.0.2) is set to be released next week.

- SFC Live Gaming is set to premiere on May 25th at 7PM Eastern, only on Twitch, with a couple of *NEW* party games we haven't played yet LIVE, and some singleplayer action here and there, with a brief Q&A at the end.

- SFC Live is set to return with the SFC Live Trivia Game 3 Finale (with a $20 Steam Gift Code giveaway to the winner of the game), TopicTalk, and much more, on May 26th from 7PM to 9PM Eastern.

- New video content will be back in the works starting in late May/early June. As planned, the videos will be released early to our Patrons, a few (or a couple) days before the public YouTube release.

So that's all we've got to offer this week! We hope to get our last "Revival" update posted in June, shortly before the end of the transition. In the meantime though, we're going to sit back, relax, and hopefully bring to you new content by this Summer!

As always, thanks for taking the time to reading this.

- Sage