The SFC Group - 2018 New Years' Update

The SFC Group would like to wish you guys a happy new year! However, with a new year, comes exciting new changes on our part!

2017 is officially over, and 2018 has come upon us, but that won't stop us from our continued efforts in expanding our organization to new heights, and now we're here to officially announce what we've been up to! So let's get to it before we dilly-dally any further...

1. YouTube Channel Revamp & New Content

Our YouTube channel is getting another major revamp for 2018, as we approach the 1,000 subscriber mark!

We've uploaded over 100 videos in 2017 (not counting live shows) and gained a substantial amount of subscribers, but we plan on increasing both of those amounts for 2018, with new content on the horizon, and a special surprise for when we do reach the 1,000 subscriber mark!

Here are some of the major updates regarding our main video series:

- SFC Plays Train Simulator now includes Train Sim World, and Workshop Mania has been merged into the SFC Plays Train Simulator series. Future Workshop scenario playthroughs will be moved to our new Twitch channel.

- SFC Reviews will now include other games besides Train Simulator DLC (most likely will come later in 2018).

- The third episode of Technology Showdown: Misadventures of Apple & Tux is currently in pre-production. The episode will focus on the character Windows, along with Mojave, Windows' girlfriend. This episode will also be the first voice acting debut of SFC Group Member, Lunala.

- And while we're on the topic of Technology Showdown, our biggest project to date, The Prologue, is slowly resuming pre-production as we finalize our cast and move onto the storyboarding process. The release date is currently unknown.

- The next Shoppers Showcase episode, covering RadioShack, is currently in pre-production and we are planning to release it after Train Sim Month 2018.

- The RailVids and RailFacts" video series have been consolidated into one playlist on our YouTube channel under "Entertainment and Other".

- Bootleg Bonanza has been officially discontinued due to low viewership and we simply ran out of ideas to continue the show. Despite this however, the playlist will stay up, but can only be accessed through the "Playlists" section of our YouTube channel.

However, these new changes will come at a cost; on January 6th, 2018, we will be taking down 17 videos from our YouTube channel, due to low viewership and our increase in production quality. Some of these videos will be kept archived on our part (and possibly may get re-released in the future, but not on YouTube), however only a handful of these videos will NOT be archived, and will be removed permanently from our channel.

Here are the following videos that'll be taken down on January 6th (all of them have been taken down):

SFC Plays Minecraft (now discontinued; all episodes listed below will be archived):

Block Party - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 11

Best of SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 11 - Block Party

One Day of Survival - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 12

The Minecraft Parable - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 13

Dr. Evil’s Revenge - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 14

The Return of t3c - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 17

The Desert Temple of Doom - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 19

The Chicken Killer - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 21

Hardcore Parkour - SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 22

SFC Plays Train Simulator (all episodes listed below will NOT archived):

GN Log Empties

Working Wenatchee Wheat

F59PHI and Surfliner Introduction

Bound for Bailey Part 1

The Big Boy Entering Cheyenne Slowly (Version 1)

Light Freight to Red Butte

Laramie Railfanning

The Big Boy Entering Cheyenne Slowly (Version 2)

Of course, that's simply not all: We've already begun working on some new tech videos for our Software Room and Electronics Guide series that we think you'll really enjoy. Some of these were requested, while some of them were made for fun.

Now before we move onto the next announcement, a couple of people have asked us about subtitle contribution in our videos. Well, we can confirm to you that it may not happen for a while as there is not enough demand for it, but we'll think about implementing it if there is such demand, but only on a limited number of videos.

If you haven't yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Now let's jump into live show territory...

2. SFC Live's Enhanced Format

SFC Live, our live gaming show, will be resuming on January 6th, 2018, with an enhanced format.

SFC Live resumes for the new year on January 6th, 2018 from 7PM to 9PM Eastern as usual. However, we will be introducing an enhanced format to make the live experience better for our fans:

- The pre-show countdown will be removed from our shows entirely; instead we'll just cut to the chase.

- SFC Live Trivia Game 2 is scheduled to conclude on January 27th, 2018, with the 1st place winner receiving $20 worth of Steam credit as usual. SFC Live Trivia Game 3 will premiere on March 3rd, 2018, about a year after SFC Live Trivia premiered. For Game 3, we plan on adding some new and exciting gameplay, such as a new question type.

There might be other surprises too, but that's all we'll tease you with.

Visit the SFC Live page:

Finally, to wrap up this update post...

3. What's Next

The SFC Group is rapidly expanding its system to new heights, while we continue to entertain and educate our dedicated fans. So what's up next for us in 2018? You'll find out below...

These are just the first three announcements for what's coming in 2018, but we have other ones that we'll quickly cover here.

Here are some of the other announcements:

- Train Sim Month 2018 is coming along well, and we've already finalized what we're going to be doing for the final Train Sim Month in the trilogy, which you can check out on our blog today.

- We have a special surprise for when we reach 1,000 subscribers. We're not gonna unveil it quite yet though, but it'll be a new way for our fans to support our content, and get exclusive bonuses (which will include our archived content) when they contribute to the supporting of not only our content, but also our organization.


That's about all the time we have when it comes to what's in store for 2018. However, as always, we've got more to come, but that'll be saved for another day.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a happy new year!