The Consolidation and Spinning-Off of Our Train Content

The SFC Group's Railfan Central and RoadRailer Simulations are going in different directions for 2018.

As you may or may not have heard, we've been in a state of reorganization to refocus our efforts in creating quality tech and gaming content. We've been listening to your feedback closely, and as part of this reorganization, our Train content is getting consolidated or spun-off.

Here are some short, but important updates regarding our Train content:

Railfan Central

Railfan Central (formerly The Penn Central Fan Site) was our real-life railroading branch dedicated to everything trains. Since its launch alongside the RFC Site, we have launched two video series: RailVids and RailFacts, as well as a Facebook page.

However, as part of our reorganization, we are making major changes to it: Railfan Central will be a video series only from here on out. As a result, Railfan Central will be shutting down as an SFC Group branch, and The RFC Site will be closing down on February 3rd, due to lack of interest and low viewership.

Despite the RFC Site's closure however, the Facebook page will continue to operate, and new RailVids and RailFacts episodes will be made, but they won't be focused as much as our tech and gaming content.

Check out the RFC Site:

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RoadRailer Simulations

RoadRailer Simulations is our Train Simulator content-creation branch focusing on repaints, scenarios, and mods that dedicated players haven't seen before or haven't perfected yet. It was formed as an SFC Group branch in July of 2016, and we've continued growing ever since.

However, like with Railfan Central, we are going to be making major changes to RRS as well: Our Train Simulator content-creation branch is getting half spun-off as a independent organization, but will continue to operate normally. We (SFC) will continue to promote RoadRailer Simulations content on our social media, but we won't be promoting it as much as our tech and gaming content.

Future RRS news and updates will be on our RRS Facebook page, as well as our RRS Steam Group, and RRS Discord (links below). However, that's not all: We're also planning on launching a separate RoadRailer Simulations blog on February 3rd, where you'll be able to get detailed news and updates on future RoadRailer Simulations products, as well as the ability to request scenarios and repaints for potential future RRS products, find out what's coming soon, and gain early access to our work-in-progress repaint packs before they get released to the public!

Also, as a result of the acquisition of Global Rail Simulations/AMT Simulations on January 1st, 2018 (see our New Years Update post for more information), and after our CN Dash 8 Repaint Pack's release, we are stepping up on our packaging, such as enhancing the manual and improving the folder layout, on future and existing RRS products, to be sure that EVERYONE understands the installation instructions we include in our PDF manuals.

Finally, future RoadRailer Simulations Sneak Previews and Advanced Preview live streams will be available ONLY on the RRS Facebook page, so if you want to get previews on RRS products (if you're interested that is), why not give the RRS Facebook a follow and like?

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Sorry for the short article this weekend, but we've been working behind the scenes on some new content we hope you'll enjoy, and the changes being done to our organization to give our fans a quality experience.

To conclude this article, we want to continue to make sure you get caught up on what's going on for The SFC Group in 2018, which we hope to be our biggest year yet. As always, thanks for taking the time to read.