Tuesday, December 26, 2017

(ARCHIVED) The Future Of PhobiX

*PhobiX Software has since closed its doors permanently as of February of 2018. This post will be archived while it lasts.*

Hi, this is EDJRMorpheus95, the co-owner of The SFC Group's software and games division, PhobiX, and one of the moderators of The SFC Group Discord, and I wanted to start talking about the future of PhobiX.

What is going on with Phobos right now?

Originally, we had scheduled a public beta to be released this week, however due to issues with trying to get the installers and such to work, we had to delay the public beta release of Phobos.

One of our newest SFC Group Members, Feandesign told me that "If you want Phobos to look like Unity, you could use Ubuntu." I found this pretty interesting for Phobos, and this will be the birth of Phobos on Ubuntu.

However, It has been confirmed that Canonical, the company that created Ubuntu, has killed The Unity Desktop and will return to the GNOME Desktop, so it is up to us to either use KDE or keep using GNOME 3 for the Desktop Environment and use the inclusion of Fluxbox for our Window Manager.

Besides, using Ubuntu for Phobos will have the usability to make the Ubiquity installer work, which can only be used on Ubuntu, which makes sense when you think about it, if you have Linux knowledge. Another thing is adding more applications and games. I have plans for adding Super Tux Kart, The Easy WNR Maker app (which I will talk about later), and many more to come. I even have plans for adding half of the Booster Packs from Celestial and half for Phobos as well.

What will likely not be featured in Phobos?

As I heard some arguments of Crunchyroll on Phobos, it has been officially confirmed that Crunchyroll will not be part of Phobos, due to legal reasons.

Another thing is adding other Linux desktop environments for Phobos, which will not happen at the moment. Phobos will either use KDE and GNOME 3, unless you can install it through terminal, and here is why: Phobos was originally going to be based off of C++, but was moved on to KDE Linux Mint Qiana, then moved to Debian. Debian was the most confusing thing to choose when it comes to desktop environments. I tried out LXDE, it had no sounds. I tried XFCE (which we did plan to do an XFCE Version of Phobos, but was cancelled due to not being necessary for my taste), but it looked like Mac OS X. I tried MATE, but I do not know what do with it anymore. I tried Cinnamon (which was going to be the final DE for Phobos), yet I don't want to get sued by the guys behind Linux Mint.

Finally, I tried GNOME 3. It looked like Unity, but since Fean decided that I should use GNOME 3, it has been used as the final desktop environment for Phobos. Lastly, Phobos will likely have no intention of being part of anywhere else outside of PhobiX. This situation has been done before, and it should NEVER EVER happen again.

What's going on with Celestial?

So far, akuma67, one of the members that worked on Celestial alongside with Fean and 11pixels, has released Celestial 2.1, which here is the link:

Celestial 2.1 (for VMware):

(credit goes to akuma67 and Feandesign.)

Another thing is supposed to be a proprietary desktop environment, but will soon start giving support for Phobos called The Borealis Shell. So far, it is in EARLY development and nothing has happened yet as far as we know. Right now, the Celestial team is taking a short break as no developmental updates have been heard yet.

Is there an Easy WNR Maker (known as The Easy Windows Never Released Maker Project)?

Yes, there is! The idea was made from one of our PhobiX team members, UIdesign, but I also want to participate in this idea as well, since I am a WNR maker.

So far, the mockups and application is in early development, but here's what will the GUI will be:

The backgrounds and images will be on the right side, the logos, brushes, and fonts will be put on the left, the GIF maker and timeline will be put on the bottom, and the kit selection will be on the top.

In addition to that, you can select different styles, such as Fean's WNR Style, YTA's WNR Style, my WNR Style, among others. As we mentioned before, I have plans to add this on Phobos and here's why: I am running out of ideas to add more apps into Phobos, but I am glad that this will be canon, since it is part of PhobiX anyway.

A Mascot for PhobiX? CONFIRMED???

Yep. That's right, BOIZ! It has been officially confirmed that we will have a mascot for PhobiX as the owner of The SFC Group and Co-Owner of PhobiX, Sage (TheRealSFC), has pushed Bin (The former mascot for SFC Animation) to The SFC Group and Bash (Bin's Twin brother) as the mascot for SFC Animation, and the name for our mascot for PhobiX is Spikey. So far we are making a game all about him. However, Development will begin after SFC's Train Sim 2018 with AgentEliteFirey, and alongside with that, we have another game in development, but we can't reveal it because it is still under in development.

So far, this is what will likely happen to the future of PhobiX. Although, I do want to mention that some of this may or may not happen and some consent to more of our members and people outside of PhobiX, these are my predictions for the future of PhobiX.

Anyways, this is EDJRMorpheus95, signing out! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Welcome to the new SFC Blog!

What's that? Our own blog has returned? Well, you should be celebrating by now!
That's right folks, The SFC Blog has returned, now powered by Google's Blogger, and better than ever!


For those of you who don't know, The SFC Blog was originally created in February of 2016, as part of the release of The SFC Site version 1.6. The "original" SFC Blog was later shut down on May 20th, 2017, when we decided to partner with our friends over at Aclevo, to have them allow us to post on their blog, which was much simpler to use, and allowed us to earn ad revenue from. The small partnership later became a major SFC-Aclevo partnership shortly after, which then turned into a proposed merger later in September.

Unfortunately, after the SFC-Aclevo merger fell apart due to miscommunication, drama, and other major problems we've faced, we've decided to cut the major partnership altogether on December 16th, 2017.

Although The SFC Group and Aclevo still get along pretty well (with the owner, Reasonably Selenium, being one of our main moderators on our Discord server), the failed merger left Aclevo with an uncertain future. However, it didn't harm us that much (we doubled our member count and acquired Aclevo's Software and Games division). Despite the end of SFC-Aclevo, the relationships will continue on.

So going back on-topic, as part of the deal to end the SFC-Aclevo merger and cut the major partnership, we got our blogging rights back (along with rights to valuable Aclevo Blog posts), and thus a brand new SFC Blog, now powered by Google's Blogger, was born.

What's New for The *New* SFC Blog

There are a ton of new features in this *New* SFC Blog, but I'll only go over a few:
  1. It is now powered by Google's Blogger service. Unlike with Wordpress, Blogger only requires a Google account, so if you want to leave feedback on our blog posts, you only need to have a Google account, and that's it!
  2. Advanced Search Functionality. The *New* SFC Blog contains the same search functionality as the old one: The normal search field, recent posts, archived posts, category search, popular posts. In this *new* SFC Blog however, we've replaced "Recent Posts" with "Featured Post", our "Popular Posts" are now sorted by the Top 7 most viewed, and there is now an option to report abuse so our blog stays healthy and family-friendly!
  3. Polls are returning to The SFC Blog. All new polls are no longer located on the SFC Live page of our main site anymore; they are now on the *new* SFC Blog. This also gives us the opportunity to do a LOT more polls than ever before!
  4. The SFC Blog and Aclevo Blog Archives. All of the old SFC Blog posts from 2016 to 2017 are there for you to look at, as well as the majority of former Aclevo blog posts!
  5. We are aiming to make this a community-oriented blog. With the *new* SFC Blog, we are aiming to make it more community-oriented, so fans of ours can post on the blog talking abou what's going in the world of tech and gaming. Starting today, we are now allowing our SFC Group Members (as well as partners), to post on the blog, and will eventually add an option to allow our dedicated fans to post on the blog later on next year!*
* every community post (and comments on posts) on this SFC Blog will need to be approved by our moderators before it can go up publicly.

What's Next?

With the new SFC Blog now up, we will be getting new blog posts up over the next few days. It'll take us a while however before we get up to full swing with the new SFC Blog. As always, stay tuned for further updates on this blog!