SFC Site 2.1, Technology Showdown, SFC Live, and More!

Some of you may be asking, "What's with the absence of posts on The SFC Blog?" You may think it has something to do with major projects in the way. Despite that it's the first post on this blog in a while, here are a couple of major announcements:

The SFC Site has been updated to version 2.1! Ever since The SFC Site 2 got released to the public a couple months ago, you guys gave us great feedback, and it made us continue to develop this version of the site you currently love. Today, we are updating it to 2.1, with some great changes we think you'll like:

The SFC Site Version 2.1 (Released on April 7th, 2017)
- Added SFC Live Discord BETA Chatroom into the SFC Live page
- Added the Polls into the SFC Live page from The SFC Blog
- Added a new Site Info page on the More section
- Added SoundCloud to the Social Bar
- Changed Myriad Pro Font to Raleway on some pages
- Other improvements and bug fixes

As you would expect, the polls are NO longer on The SFC Blog (they are now on the SFC Live page), alongside any new SFC Site Changelogs; they will be available only on The SFC Site from now on, under the new "Site Info" page in the More section of our website. And yes, we are NOW on SoundCloud, which replaces our former Vimeo space.

Follow us on SoundCloud today:

2. Technology Showdown Update!
First up, Technology Showdown: The Prologue is back in production once again, and we are planning to release an early teaser on Youtube later in April. We know you guys have been waiting patiently for a new Technology Showdown episode, and we promise you, the wait will be worth it!

3. SFC Live Expansion!
For this third and final major announcement, is related to SFC Live. For those who don't know, SFC Live is our live gaming show that airs on Saturday nights at 7PM Eastern, where we play games like Train Simulator, Rocket League, Marble Blast Platinum, and even QUIPLASH! We also have our own trivia game, SFC Live Trivia, where you answer questions for points that will go on our leaderboard, where the points will be counted up at the end of the game, and the winner receives a special prize!

For this week's SFC Live (April 8th), we are expanding it with a new Discord BETA chatroom, which will be opening 15 minutes before the main show starts. Along with that, we also have the polls now available, as well as gaming stuff, like Quiplash, and Train Simulator: Workshop Mania. You do not want to miss this, so please make sure to tune in for some entertainment!

Overall, lots of new things coming to The SFC Group, and it's just the beginning of a massive expansion that will change overtime and will make your SFC fan experience better! Even though The SFC Blog is going away, all major updates will be posted on our social media pages, so like I said, make sure you follow us there to keep updated!

So for the last time on this blog, I will see you in the not-too-distant future.

- Sage from The SFC Group