The SFC Site 2, SFC Live, Train Sim Month, and More!

UPDATE: The SFC Site 2 was updated to 2.0.1 to fix a major home button bug, and the "Receive SFC news" option during Backstage & Newsletter registration is no longer required to use the SFC Live and B&N Exclusive Content options.

We have been extremely busy during the past few weeks, but things have been going pretty well when it comes to our content. Today, we have 4 major announcements to cover, and they are pretty exciting ones, too:

1. The SFC Site 2 has been officially released to the public!

Today marks the day of release for The SFC Site version 2, the biggest update to our website yet! It has been in development since Summer 2016, and now it is finally finished and ready for the viewing!

Here is what has changed from The SFC Site 1.6.7:

The SFC Site version 2.0.1 (released on March 4th, 2017)
- The Receive SFC News option is no longer required to use the SFC Live and B&N Exclusive Content options when registering to Backstage & Newsletter
- Fixed a major home button (The SFC Group logo) bug where clicking on it would do nothing

The SFC Site version 2.0 (released on February 25th, 2017)
- Completely Redesigned Frontpage
- 7 Homepage Buttons total (plus the Frontpage image)
- Homepage buttons when you rollover them shows the meaning
- Version number, copyright disclaimer, and Mobile Site link now shown on every page of the website
- Added Twitter and removed Vimeo from the social link bar

- Completely Redesigned Series page that's now compact
- Three Categories of content: Tech, Gaming, and Entertaining Content
- Series buttons when you rollover them shows a briefing for that series

- Completely Redesigned Mobile Central
- Now has a pretty-looking Modern UI
- Includes the new Series page redesign
- The SFC Blog is no longer embedded
- Contact Email system changed
- Version number and copyright disclaimer permanently embedded at the bottom
- Optimized for both mobile devices, tablets, as well as desktops

- Added The SFC Archives to the Downloads page
- See The SFC Group's Archived Content dating back to 2015, 2014, and 2013
- 8 archived videos currently up (exclusive to The SFC Site for now)
- Includes SFC logo evolution with SFC Website Evolution Online Museum opening in Spring 2017

- Added SFC Live page to the More section
- Access to latest SFC Live episode and IRC Chatroom
- Includes Live Agenda, Live Schedule & Polls, Chatroom Rules and Regulations, IRC Help/Tips, and SFC Live Trivia Leaderboard and Rules

- Added the Technology Showdown soundtrack to the Music downloads page
- Added two new wallpapers: Forest in the Distance and Icon Wars (formerly a B&N exclusive)
- Backstage & Newsletter, Video Requests, and Contact Email system changed
- Backstage & Newsletter, Video Requests, and Contact Us forms now have reCAPTCHA 2.0
- Revamped Backstage & Newsletter registration

- You can now have the options to receive SFC Live notifications and Backstage & Newsletter exclusive content separately (requires Receive SFC News option to be selected; may be fixed 2.0.1)

- Enhanced Donate page (donation system currently broken at this time)
- Enhanced About Us page with a new "We've Been Places" section and revamped SFC Members' list
- Enhanced Video Requests page (formerly Video Suggestions)
- Enhanced Tech Selections of the Week page with images now
- Enhanced Apple Product and Software Generators (includes CCL Random Apple Product Generator)

We appreciate the feedback of our new website during its development, and now is your time to try it out and see what you think! And as always, if you see any bugs in the new website, please report it to us here.

Anyways, onto the second announcement:

2. SFC Live is making a triumphant return! 

SFC Live has been on a hiatus for a while (a month to be exact), but now it's about time to return to livestreaming some gaming and shenanigans!

Now most of the announcements related to SFC Live will be talked about during the annoucements segment, but if you would to know what is going on, we have a live agenda prepared on our website here:

But for those who want to know now, we'll give you a couple of new updates:

SFC Live is now gonna be streaming in 720p HD! With our new equipment we have acquired, we are able to stream in the best resolution possible.

Rocket League and Train Simulator: Workshop Mania are making their debut on SFC Live this week! We were unable to stream both games last month due to performance issues, but now that they have been resolved, we will be able to stream not only Rocket League, but also Train Simulator, again in 720p!

The rest we'll keep a secret for now. Please make sure you tune in to SFC Live on Saturday Nights at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central/12AM GMT for some gaming and shenanigans!

Now let's get on with the third announcement:

3. Train Simulator Month: The Revenge begins on March 6th!

We have teased Train Sim Month for 2017 since the end of 2016, but now it's official. Train Simulator Month: The Revenge will be starting on March 6th, with a North Jersey Coast Line let's play video, followed by a Train Sim railfanning video later during that day!

More details of what we're doing during Train Sim Month: The Revenge can be seen in our previous post here (scroll down til you get to it). More information will be announced during SFC Live.

4. Our Youtube Channel is currently undergoing changes!

Our Youtube channel has been getting slowly more followers every day, and we are glad to see newcomers to our content! However, we haven't been uploading a lot of decent content lately, but now that we have new equipment to use, everything should go back to normal in terms of our video and livestream schedule.

Prior to March, we are doing major changes to our Youtube channel currently. Most of these changes will be coming from our older videos, such as video description updates. However, we are introducing some new changes to our channel that are available now:

- You can now watch our old SFC Live streams on our Youtube channel for the public to see! It is available below the Entertaining Content section, so if you want to relive the old streams, go ahead and watch them to your leisure!

- We're bringing back the discussion tab on our Youtube channel! If you have any questions related to The SFC Group, or if you have any tech or gaming related questions, you can send them in through the discussion tab right now!

During the Youtube channel changes, videos that haven't received the update treatment yet will have the comments disabled for that video. As of when I'm writing this post, all of our pre-2016 SFC content have received the update treatment.

And also now that we've acquired new equipment, we can get back to doing proper tech and gaming content again! Here's a quick summary of most of the video series that are getting updates:

Tech Content:
- The Software Room series will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.
- The Computer Cellar series will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.
- The Raspberry Pi Guide series will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.

Gaming Content:
- SFC Plays Minecraft episodes will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.
- The SFC Plays Train Simulator let's play series will be making a triumphant return to Youtube during Train Sim Month: The Revenge.
- SFC Plays Marble Blast episodes will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.
- SFC Plays Games let's play videos will resume once Train Sim Month in March is over.
- We will continue to do SFC Editorials on Train Simulator DLC (such as more of Gary's scenario packs) and third-party freeware add-ons (such as the US Freight Car pack) and mods (such as the locomotive physics packs)

Entertaining Content:
- Technology Showdown: The Prologue is currently in production, however due to Train Sim Month: The Revenge getting in the way, production will grind to a halt until work on TS Month is over.

So that's all we have to offer for now! More announcements will be made during SFC Live, so make sure you tune in tonight (February 25th) for some incredible updates to our content!

For now, I'll see you in the not-too-distant future!

- Sage from The SFC Group