The SFC Site 2 Release Candidate 2!

This is it! Development on The SFC Site 2 is almost over! After the release of Release Candidate 1, it would make sense to release the final development build of The SFC Site 2, Release Candidate 2, exclusively to Backstage & Newsletter users!

If you missed out the previous Release Candidate, don't worry! Now is your time to check out what's been changed! Like Release Candidate (RC) 1, Release Candidate 2 is available today through our free email service, Backstage & Newsletter. If you're already subscribed to our newsletter, you should gain access to it so be sure to check your inbox! Here's what has changed in RC2 compared to RC1:

The SFC Site 2 Release Candidate 2 (released on February 18th, 2017)
- Updated SFC Live Page with a Project Smartie tab
- Bunch of improvements and bug fixes

Like we've said before, this is the final development build of The SFC Site 2, and the final release goes live on February 25th at 10AM Eastern, replacing Public Beta 2 as the main website.

If you notice any bugs in the latest website dev build, please report it to us by contacting us here:

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Oh, and before I go, there is one more thing...

When you looked at the changelog for The SFC Site 2 Release Candidate 2, you probably may have noticed "Project Smartie". What is it you may ask? Well, I'll explain right here:

Project Smartie is a work-in-progress name for our new live trivia game coming to SFC Live this March. It is heavily inspired by CC Trivia, a live trivia show hosted by the Computer Clan back in the good ol' days of their livestreams (when they didn't shove comedy down people's throats). Project Smartie is gonna be similar to CC Trivia in several ways, including how the points are counted, however there are going to be a bunch of differences.

Project Smartie is gonna be powered by a web browser, which means it can be played on ANY platform, including Linux. We're introducing three categories of questions, where it'll be randomized for each question. Finally, on the final round of each game, we'll be giving away $20 Steam or iTunes credit to the 1st place winner!

As of right now, Project Smartie is currently in development, and won't be finished until early March. We're also planning to make Project Smartie available for everyone to play for free, only on The SFC Site 2!

Project Smartie will be officially announced on February 25th at 7PM Eastern during SFC Live. We're planning to debut the official game on March 4th near the end of the gaming show segment. When we do start the game, we'll be explaining the rules, how the game works, and playing the first official game and round of this new trivia game. Please be sure to follow us on our social media pages for more information regarding Project Smartie.

That's all we currently have to offer. More exciting announcements will come later this February on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), but for now, we'll see you in the not-too-distant future!

- Sage from The SFC Group