Thank you for 250 Subscribers!

Thank you so much guys and gals for your support on our content! The SFC Group Youtube channel has made to a quarter 1,000 subscribers: 250!

In celebration of this, we have 3 major announcements to cover, also in preparations for the new year:

1. The SFC Group is now on Twitter!
For the first time in The SFC Group's long 3 year history, we have finally completed our social network checklist, with us now being on Twitter! On our new Twitter page, we'll be posting the usual stuff we put up on our other social networks: New videos, new website updates, livestream notifications, the works. If you would like to stay up-to-date with us, follow us on Twitter today!

Follow us on Twitter:

2. The Revenge of Train Simulator Month has been announced for February and March of 2017!
Train Simulator Month is coming back for the second time in 2017! In time for Train Sim World's eventual release, we will be doing Train Simulator let's plays, DLC showcases, editorials, and more from February to March 2017! We are also bringing back our SFC Plays Train Simulator let's play series, along with our Workshop Mania series, which will be on SFC Live later next year! We're also announcing some new Train Simulator freeware and payware add-ons next year as well, so stay tuned for those! Also, as part of this tradition, Union and the gang (from the upcoming cartoon series Union and Friends) are coming back during Train Sim Month as well! More details will be revealed this week on SFC Live, as well as early next year.

3. The Marble Blast Platinum Championship Finals!
The championship is ending soon, and boy do we have a lot to offer! We will be streaming the final two SFC Live episodes on December 10th and the 17th respectively, with the final two Marble Blast Platinum Championship games!

Game 9 (December 10th at 7PM Eastern) will be a double point game (with 10 Gem Hunt rounds), where if a player earns more than or equal to 100 points in one round, that player will get double the round points to be put on the MBP Championship Leaderboard! (link to the leaderboard is below post)

Game 10 (December 17th at 7PM Easern) will be the last game of the 2016 MBP Championships (with 7 rounds) and the final SFC Live stream for 2016! We will be giving away fabulous prizes to the Top 3 winners:

- 1st Place Winner will receive $20 in Steam credit and a Gold Winner Certificate for you to print and/or share with the world.

- 2nd Place Winner will receive a Silver Winner Certificate for you to print and/or share with the world.

- 3rd Place Winner will receive a Bronze Winner Certificate for you to print and/or share with the world.

Our Top 3 Players currently are:

Artur15141 with 3988 game points
hPerks with 2018 game points
Rozi with 1291 game points

Although other players can still participiate in the rounds to get on the leaderboard as well as have fun!

And to the Top 3 players: We wish you the best of luck, and make sure you're there to compete and win!

2016 Marble Blast Platinum Championships Leaderboard:

Watch our livestreams on Saturday Nights at 7PM Eastern:

- Sage from The SFC Group