The 2016 Marble Blast Championship Grand Finale! (STREAM OVER)

*SFC Live is over. The full recording will be up soon on Youtube. Thanks to those who joined our stream!*

This is it guys! The final game of the 2016 Marble Blast Platinum Championships is happening on Saturday, December 17th at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central/12AM UTC! Our two finalists, Artur15141 and hPerks, will go head-to-head in an incredible showdown to not only become the next Marble Blast Platinum Champion, but also win the $20 USD Steam credit!

We will only be playing 7 rounds tonight, but we'll also have our custom gamemodes, Random Kick Mode (every minute a random player will get kicked off the server and will need to rejoin in order to continue earning points) and Classic Mode (all gems equal one point, no gem radar, no blast), along with the final round of the championships being a double point round (get over 100 points to get the double point advantage)! We've picked some great Gem Hunt maps for this game; make sure you're prepared, and we can't wait to see you there on Marble Blast Platinum Online!

To our two finalists: We wish you the best of luck!

Watch our livestreams here:

- Sage from The SFC Group