Friday, November 25, 2016

(ARCHIVED) Something for the Weekend (Parody)

As this week is coming to a close for The SFC Group, not only have we released the latest episode of our longest-running let's play series, but we've also released two new let's plays of mobile games, adding more to our gaming video collection! You won't be disappointed with SFC Live, which is happening this week (November 26th) at 7PM Eastern, and we are officially announcing Train Simulator Month's return and our new SFC Editorials coming soon!

With all that has been going on, here is what we, and others, have been saying recently:

New Content Available Now:
SFC Plays Minecraft Ep. 21 - The Chicken Killer

SFC Plays Pac-Man Friends - Leader of the Pac

SFC Plays Dragon Box - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Coming Soon:
SFC Live - Marble Blast Platinum Championships #7

SFC Editorials - Train Simulator: The Good, The Bad, and the not so Ugly

The Revenge of Train Simulator Month

From all of us at The SFC Group, have an awesome weekend. ;)

(This post is a parody of Dovetail Games' Something for the Weekend articles on the Train Simulator website.)

- Sage from The SFC Group

Saturday, November 19, 2016

(ARCHIVED) SFC Live Update

I wanted to talk about this for quite some time.

For those who don't know, SFC Live is our new live gaming show that debuted on October 29th, 2016. It has been in the planning stages since late 2014, and 2 years later, we finally nailed it. We're currently in the middle of the Marble Blast Platinum Championships, an annual gaming event where players can participate and win fabulous prizes! The final game is on December 17th at 7PM Eastern, where we will be determining who's the next Marble Blast Champion, and who will also win the $20 Steam/iTunes Credit.

However, like many new things, there's always going to be a major change to go with it, and oh boy, do we have a bunch to talk about! I'll try to keep it short for this article:

1. Our SFC Live Recording System. You might have noticed our previous episodes of SFC Live are now gone from Youtube. Why? Well, the reason is simple: Our livestreams are over an hour long and that's not the usual duration of our videos, especially livestream recordings. As we progress with SFC Live, we'll add more content into the mix, thus our streams will get longer and so does the duration.

So starting with this week's livestream, after it is over, the recording will be up until the next SFC Live is scheduled on Youtube. After the next scheduled SFC Live goes up, we will remove the previous episode to make way for another. That way, our Youtube channel will be clean from over-an-hour-long videos.

But what will happen to the archived episodes? Well, we'll find a place for them eventually, but for now, after the stream is over, you can watch the recording until we schedule our next stream on Youtube.

2. Our new Primary Chatroom. Last week, we debuted a new primary chatroom which used Discord. However, we had come across some issues with it, so instead for this week and from now on, we're going for a more traditional IRC chatroom, using the Geekshed IRC server, which includes a working bot that detects blacklisted words and spam a heck of a lot better and faster as well, and you do not need to sign up for an account to join; all you need to do is enter a nickname and that's it. It'll be in the description of our live streams, until the release of The SFC Site 2 (which will debut the SFC Live page).

3. An SFC Site 2 Beta 4 Update. We've recently pushed out a dot update to The SFC Site 2 Beta 4, which debuted on the Early Access forum last week. The biggest change obviously is an enhanced SFC Live page, with the embedded IRC chatroom (powered by KiwiIRC), updated Rules and Regulations and some IRC Chatroom Help and Tips to go with it! However, there's other features that are either improved upon or added, and that is available in the changelog below:

The SFC Site version 2.0 Beta 4.1 (2.0b4.1) Changelog:
- Redesigned Series page with three categories of content: Tech, Gaming, and Entertainment
- Enhanced SFC Live page with embedded IRC chatroom, updated Rules and Regulations, and added IRC Chatroom Help & Tips
- Enhanced Backstage & Newsletter with upgraded reCAPTCHA 2.0
- Enhanced Video Requests page with upgraded reCAPTCHA 2.0
- Enhanced Contact Us page with upgraded reCAPTCHA 2.0
- A bunch of bug fixes (mostly with the mobile site)

If you have the time, make sure to check out the latest SFC Site 2 Beta release, on the Early Access forum: (now closed)

We hope you enjoy what we have offer for both our fans and viewers! Make sure to tune in to SFC Live on Saturday nights at 7PM Eastern, only on our Youtube channel!

- Sage from The SFC Group

Friday, November 11, 2016

(ARCHIVED) The SFC Site 2 Beta 4 is now available on Codename Early Access!

UPDATE: The SFC Site 2 Beta 4.1 has been released with additional features and a bunch of bug fixes. Changelog is listed in the "SFC Live Update" post.

This is it! The final private beta of The SFC Site 2 is here, only on the Codename Early Access forum! We are really excited to get the public beta out as soon as possible, but we still need some time to get it just right. However, we are proud to announce that the SFC Site 2 Public Beta will be replacing the SFC Site 1.x releases, and will be available publicly on December 10th!

But for now, enjoy the The SFC Site 2 Beta 4, in all of its modern glory!

If you manage to find bugs in The SFC Site 2 betas, or if you want to suggest new features to be added into the new website release, don't be afraid to private message us on the forum, or contact us on our website!

The SFC Site 2 Beta 4 (2.0b4) Changelog:
- Added a Desktop Site shortcut on The SFC Site Mobile 2
- Added a dedicated SFC Live page with Discord chatroom link
- Improved Series and Downloads pages
- Enhanced Apple Product and Software Product Generator
- A bunch of other improvements and bug fixes

Check out the The SFC Site 2 Beta 4 today: (now closed)

- Sage from The SFC Group