SFC Live Announced!

Thanks to all who attended SFC Live. However due to the technical problems we faced, we are not uploading the full pilot stream to Youtube publicly.

Yes, you heard that right: We are introducing live streams to The SFC Group, and it's simply called SFC Live.

SFC Live is a live gaming show on our Youtube channel, that is hosted on Saturday nights at 7PM Eastern (6PM Central/12AM UTC). The focus of our livestreams is mostly on gaming, and we'll be playing games for the majority of the live show. But of course, you can come play and compete with us if you'd like to. SFC Live will also have a live chatroom where fans can interact with us and even ask questions, which we'll answer LIVE on the show.

The first episode will be airing on October 22nd on our Youtube channel, as part of Game 2 of the annual Marble Blast Platinum championships. At the beginning of the first stream, we will introduce the live show, and its rules and regulations. At the end of the gaming portion, we'll take the opportunity to answer questions and you can even share links you want us to look at (as long as it's appropriate).

Make sure to come and watch us live this weekend; it'll be great!

- Sage from The SFC Group