The Railfan Central Site 5.1 is Now Out!

The Railfan Central Site has been updated to 5.1.1 to fix a Loco Galleries bug.

The wait is over... The Railfan Central Site version 5.1 is now available! For those who haven't read the October Update post yet, Railfan Central is the new name for The Penn Central Fan Site, and we also announced a new website update will be coming for it. Well, it has now come and is available for the public to see!

The new additions of the Railfan Central (RFC) Site version 5.1 consist of:
- A new Accordian-like interface for all of the railroad's loco and rolling stock galleries
- Enhanced downloads page
- Removed Donate button in the nav bar

Check out the Railfan Central website here:

- Sage from The SFC Group