Codename Early Access, The SFC Site 2, and More!

We've got 5 new things to roll out today:

1. Codename Early Access, our new special kind of forum from The SFC Group, powered by the Simple Machines Forum, is now open to the public in Beta! It is the new home to our exclusive content; sign up for it today! (now closed)

2.The SFC Site 2 Beta 3 is now available to Backstage & Newsletter and Codename Early Access users! Make sure to check your inbox for the link to it! The changelog is available below. The next and final SFC Site 2 Beta rolls out next month (in November).

The SFC Site 2 Beta 3 Changelog
- Backstage & Newsletter added in the navigation bar as “Notify Me”
- Moved "About Us" page to the More section
- The SFC Blog is now its own separate website
- Polls and Announcements moved to The SFC Blog site
- New SFC Wallpaper added: Forest in the Distance
- Improved mobile site
- Enhanced Tech Selections of the Week page
- Added 3 more Frontpage buttons on the Homepage
- Bunch of improvements and bug fixes

3. The SFC Site has been updated to 1.6.7, with a new "Notify Me" page, and a couple of improvements! Check it out today!

The SFC Site Version 1.6.7 Changelog
- Backstage & Newsletter added in the navigation bar as “Notify Me”
- Added Codename Early Access to the Notify Me page
- Moved "About Us" page to the More section

4. PiOS Alpha 1.2.1 is now available both on Sourceforge, and our PiOS website! Check it out while it lasts: (now closed)

PiOS Alpha 1.2.1 Changelog
- Updated Wallpapers
- Camera Test app now has its own app icon
- Updated all dependencies to the latest version

5. And finally, The Raspberry Pi Guide - Raspbian Linux video is now on Youtube! Watch the video today:

Oh, and don't forget: We have the first game of the 2016 Marble Blast Platinum championships on at 7PM Eastern tonight, with giveaways of 2 Early Access Pro passes! Sign up for MBP online, and join our dedicated server tonight:

From all of us at The SFC Group, have a great weekend. ;)

- Sage from The SFC Group