The SFC Site 2 Beta 2 Arrives Soon!

Last month, we released the first beta of the newest version of The SFC Site, version 2, to Backstage & Newsletter subscribers. Well, tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20th) at 12PM Eastern, we're releasing the 2nd beta of The SFC Site 2 to all current Backstage & Newsletter subscribers once again!

Some noticeable features that will be in The SFC Site 2 Beta 2 consist of a new redesigned mobile site, an updated Series and Downloads page, SFC Music now accessible in The SFC Site 2 betas (now in MP3 format, plus with a bonus surprise), and a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

Also, if you manage to find bugs in The SFC Site 2 betas, or if you want to suggest new features to be added into the new website release, don't be afraid to contact us! The website changelog is available below.

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The SFC Site version 2.0 Beta 2 (2.0b2) Changelog:
- A new, much cleaner mobile version of The SFC Site
- Added a list of current SFC Members on the About Us page
- SFC Music now accessible in the 2.0 Betas (with a bonus surprise!)
- Updated Series and Downloads page
- Updated Apple Product and Software Product Generator
- Removed AdBlock notice
- Removed Rules and Regulations page on the Contact Us page
- Bunch of improvements and bug fixes