Sunday, August 21, 2016

(ARCHIVED) The PCFS Site Has Been Updated to version 5!

Surprise, surprise! The PCFS Site 5.0 is now out! We've added a plethora of features to this update (changelog below), which includes: New York Central and New Haven Locomotive and Rolling Stock Galleries (with a surprise!), a Donation button, our Railworks Repaints now available on the PCFS Site, and the good ol' days of the Times font are over!

Check out the site while you have the chance!

- Sage from The SFC Group

PCFS Site Version 5.0 Changelog:
- Added New York Central and New Haven Locomotive and Rolling Stock Galleries (with a surprise!)
- Donation link added to the Navigation bar (redirects to The SFC Site)
- Our Railworks Repaints are now accessible from the PCFS Site
- Switched typeface from "Times" to "Myriad Pro"

(ARCHIVED) The SFC Site 2 Beta 1 Coming Soon!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to be finally releasing the first beta of The SFC Site 2 soon to all Backstage & Newsletter subscribers! (In other words, it’s an exclusive.)

The SFC Site 2 is going to be the BIGGEST release of The SFC Site we’ve ever had, and we want your feedback on what features we should add or improve for future versions.

We have already finished up the first beta, and it will be released this week exclusively to Backstage & Newsletter subscribers on Wednesday, August 24th.

The website changelog will be available on The SFC Blog (both on The SFC Site and The SFC Site 2; available below).

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- Sage from The SFC Group

The SFC Site 2.0b1 Changelog:
- New Homepage Layout
- New Frontpage Animation
- New Frontpage Buttons (icon by default; hovering over them shows the meaning)
- New “Blue Space” wallpaper in the Wallpapers page (replaces the existing "SFC In Space" wallpaper)
- Video Suggestions renamed to Video Requests
- Improved Donate page
- The SFC Site version number now on every page