The Grand Finale

Well guys, this is it. The final 1.x release of The SFC Website is coming, and we're already opening up a new box full of possibilities for the next version of the SFC Site, version 2.0.

However, before we do start development of The SFC Site 2.0, which is coming next year, we're going to be offering the last 1.6.x release (and 1.x release) of the SFC Site. The changelog is listed below in the post.

For the SFC Website 1.6.6, we want to make it small, but also offer something big as well. The biggest feature in this case, is we're now accepting donations through PayPal! If you would like to support our content-creator group, just go to the Donate page on our website (available on our Youtube channel and the SFC website)! When you donate, we'll make content faster, upgrade equipment for better-looking videos, and we'll explore new possibilities in expanding our content-creator group into new grounds!

The SFC Website 1.6.6 is now available, and we're also currently working on some new Software Room, Computer Cellar, and Raspberry Pi Guide videos for you to look forward to in the future!

- SFC (

The SFC Website 1.6.6 (released on June 29th, 2016)
- We're now accepting donations! (Available on our website and Youtube channel)
- Fixed font issues