Freaky Friday!

Today is Friday, and it's so freaky because we've got some major SFC updates to talk about!

1. We're now on Facebook! You can check us out on our new Facebook page here: Make sure to like our page and stay up-to-date with us! We'll be posting the same stuff that we did on our Google+ page: SFC and gaming session announcements.

2. The SFC Website has been updated to 1.6.4! A lot has been put into this website update, and boy do we have some changes to talk about! The changelog is listed below in the post.

3. Our Youtube channel has been renovated. We've already announced this earlier, but our Youtube channel renovations are now complete! Most of our videos have updated thumbnails and updated descriptions. We've also archived some of our older videos, and we've removed several videos from our channel. Our now removed old videos (except the TechNews video) will be put into the SFC archives, and will be shown occasionally on Backstage & Newsletter.

4. Project PIOS is getting an update! People have been asking about PIOS, and we've been keeping it quiet for a while, but now we're officially announcing Alpha 1.2.0! Some of the major changes will consist of new extra wallpapers (including one sent in by a fan), a sample Camera app for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module, and omxplayer now bundled. We're planning to release it before June.

We hope you enjoy the changes we've been making to our content-creator group, and once again, make sure to check us out on Facebook! As always, we'll see you in the not-too-distant future.

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SFC Website Version 1.6.4 Changelog:
- Added an AdBlock notice on the homepage
- Added a link to our new Facebook page on the social bar
- Updated the Apple Product Generator
- Updated the Software Generator
- Improvements and Bug Fixes