Thursday, March 31, 2016

(ARCHIVED) April Showers Bring SFC Flowers!

UPDATE 2: The SFC Website has been updated to 1.6.3, with bug fixes and enhancements to both the Apple Product and Software generators.

UPDATE: The Software Room website version 2.1.0 has been released. The changelog is available below the SFC website update changelog.

This month it's April, and we've been EXTREMELY busy on some major changes to SFC, not only with our website, but also with our Youtube channel as well. We are really excited to bring to you some of the MAJOR changes and the new direction we're going in for 2016.

So let's get started with some of the MAJOR announcements:

1. The SFC Website has been updated to 1.6.3. We've updated our website with some improvements and features here and there! Some of these changes are: an enhanced SFC blog, an updated Apple Product and Software Generator, an updated Backstage & Newsletter, an improved Mobile Central, and so on. The full changelog will be available below.

2. We're announcing two NEW projects: Project PIOS and Project PCFS. These two new projects are available on the "Series" page on our website. What are they you might ask? Well, Project PIOS is a linux distribution made for Raspberry Pi newbies, and is based on a minimal installation of Raspbian Linux. Downloads will be available later in April. Project PCFS, on the other hand, is a dedicated Northeast railroading website, for railfans (like myself). Currently, this project is in it's early stages, and will expand later on this year.

3. The Software Room website will be getting its last major update before its closure. The Software Room has been around since the beginnings of SFC, and we did this just for fun! But now, as we are moving to a more social demographic, we're going to be converting the Software Room into a video series. The Software Room website will, however, get its last major update before its eventual closure on May 20th.

There are other, but minor announcements that I would like to mention:

- Our video series, SFC Plays Toontown and RailVids will be discontinued. The first episode of SFC Plays Toontown will be just a single let's play video, while RailVids will be moved over to our new Project PCFS.

- For our Youtube channel for 2016, we're shifting gears into making SFC into more of a tech-related channel. We're still going to be making gaming videos, but there won't be that much gaming content uploaded to our Youtube channel during this time. Our main focus for our Youtube channel are as follows: The Raspberry Pi Guide, Technology Showdown, The Software Room (new format!), and The Computer Cellar.

I hope you enjoy some of the announcements we have to offer, and we hope to get more subscribers for our Youtube channel, and keep our content creator group going!

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The SFC Website 1.6.3 Update Changelog:
- Updated the Apple Product Generator with the latest Apple products
- Updated the Software Generator
- Couple bug fixes

The SFC Website 1.6.2 Update Changelog:
- Enhanced SFC logo
- Updated the Apple Product Generator with Mac Clones and links from Wikipedia
- Updated the Software Generator with New Links from WinWorldPC and Wikipedia
- Moved Project PCFS onto it’s own website; available on the Series page
- Added Project PIOS, a linux distribution based on Raspbian Linux, to the Series page
- Moved the SFC Blog onto the navigation bar
- Updated Mobile Central
- Updated Backstage & Newsletter with Subscription options
- Added several improvements to the website
- Fixed several website bugs

The Software Room Website version 2.1.0 Changelog:
- Updated the Windows 10 screenshots on the Windows 8 to present page
- Added Developer Versions of Windows: Chicago Build 58s, Chicago Build 73g, Chicago Build 122, Windows Neptune, Windows Longhorn Build 4015
- Renamed “Mac OS 8” to “Mac OS 8.0” on the Mac OS 8 page
- Added Mac OS X Panther (10.3) to the Mac OS X page
- Added Ubuntu 6.10 to the Ubuntu page
- Renamed “Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide” to “The Raspberry Pi Guide”
- Updated the button graphics with a new font
- Several bug fixes and improvements

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

(ARCHIVED) The Raspberry Pi Guide Pilot Coming Out on March 28th!

UPDATE: The Quick Start Guide video is now available for your viewing pleasure! Click here to watch today!

Our upcoming Raspberry Pi video series, The Raspberry Pi Guide, will debut on March 28th as a pilot episode. The pilot episode will be a remake of the Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide video, with up-to-date information, better quality, and much more. Because of this new video series, the original “Version 1” of the Quick Start Guide, and several other old Raspberry Pi video tutorials, will be taken down on our Youtube channel on May 20th. We can’t wait to release it as much as we like making it!

- SFC (

Friday, March 18, 2016

(ARCHIVED) Coming soon from SFC: A linux distro!

Sorry I haven't posted anything on the SFC blog in about a week, but I do have some news: I'm currently working on a linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi! It will be available in the Alpha stage in April, and currently, I'm getting the .IMG file ready for internet distribution.

 UPDATE: Sorry SirLagz, but your script didn't work for me, however I was able to get the .IMG finished using GParted on Linux Mint. It's happening folks, so don't worry!

 More to come soon!

 - SFC (