The SFC Website version 1.6 is out!

UPDATE 2: The SFC Website version 1.6.1 is now available! This update fixes an issue with the favicon, and The Official SFC Blog page has been improved.

UPDATE: A QuickFix for 1.6.0 is out. The QuickFix fixes a bug with the Backstage & Newsletter page.

The SFC Website version 1.6 "The Leap Year Update" is available now!

This is the biggest one we've offered since the last major 1.x release, and there's a lot to go through, so let's get started!

* The Official SFC Blog: The SFC Updates page is gone now, in favor of this new section of our website. The Official SFC Blog is where we post updates and announcements on SFC. Release dates for major SFC projects and our polls have been moved to this new section. Along with that, you can now search for past posts by searching, or by category.

* SFC's Art Gallery: This is a new section of our website, where it's the home to concept art for Technology Showdown and unreleased SFC projects, and the home to fan art made by our fans! If you have any fan art to send in, send us a link to it via the Art Gallery page!

* Apple Product and Software Generators: SFC's Apple Product and Software Generators are now available via the Tech Selections of the Week page. Here you can generate a random Apple Product from the EveryMac and Apple-History database, or a piece of software from the WinWorldPC database! The Software Generator is currently in Beta, but hopefully it will be finished by the end of March.

* Something "Secret": It's top secret, you'll have to find it yourself. (LOL, it's very easy to spot.)

* Lots of improvements and bug fixes: There were several bugs in the 1.5.x updates, and we were able to fix them in this version. Along with that, we have made several improvements to the website as well, including the homepage, the Series page, the About Us page, the Contact Us page, and others.

This is one of the best updates we have ever made, and I hope you enjoy the new changes, too! On a side note, 1.6 will be the last 1.x release of the SFC website, as our next major website release, version 2.0, will be a major redesign of the website, and will be made available in Late 2016/Early 2017.

1.6.1 Update Changelog:
* Improved The Official SFC Blog page
* Fixed an issue with the favicon

1.6.0 Update Changelog:
* Added the Official SFC Blog, replacing the SFC Updates page
* Added SFC's Art Gallery to the More section
* Added the Apple Product and Software generators on the Tech Selections of the Week page
* Added a "Secret" page
* Lots of improvements and bug fixes